Sue is a gifted artist – a pro at that. From my first session, I was surprised how quickly Sue connected with my body and liberally applied the necessary treatment. Don’t be fooled by her gentle technique – she is efficient and highly effective leaving me refreshed, invigorated and relieved every time. Her in-depth knowledge and professional demeanor allow her to deliver a wonderful and thorough massage!

Theresa NH

I refer to Sue as the lady with “magic hands”! When she met me, my muscles were so tight and my back in complete spasm.  I had just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and had spent three months on pain medicines with no relief, and in turn had not had a night with more than 4 hours of consecutive sleep time.  After my first session with Sue, I experienced immediate reduction in pain and a much-needed full night of sleep followed.  Like good food and rest, massage improves my quality of life and Sue is a skilled, caring, professional who listens and is responsive to meeting my particular needs. I highly recommend her to you.

Sheri – Concord, NH

I started Zumba classes in January and LOVE it! I go twice a week for great aerobic exercise, laughter, mental concentration and rhythmic fun.  I have several problems with my back and neck which are irritated by vigorous exercise.  This time I decided to address the potential problem before it happened by seeing Sue for massage between sessions – it worked.  I now have a massage every other week as a preventative measure which keeps everything running smoothly.  I have lost 20+ lbs, my core has strengthened helping to support my back and my endurance is great. My cholesterol has dramatically decreased as a bonus. So now I am addicted to a good hard Zumba workout twice a week and fill in the rest of the week with a walk or bike ride.  I am able to enjoy Spring relatively pain free!

Rhonda – Warner, NH

I have had the pleasure of calling Sue a friend for many years and when she said she wanted to pursue massage therapy I knew the rest of the world and I was in for a treat. I had the opportunity to be Sue’s “practice” body as she learned the skills to her passion. It was amazing to feel the transformation from her hands to my body as her training deepened.
Sue has the “gift” of healing and through the avenue of massage is doing just that. I am an older athlete now with the aches and pains from previous years of training plus the new ones cropping up. It doesn’t matter what happens to my body, Sue knows exactly what type of massage will work best and has been able to relieve or eliminate the problems altogether. I don’t even have to use my words–she can read my body! I am able to continue my passion of teaching the martial arts because Sue keeps me in working order. Sue is compassionate, well trained, and a kind soul. Thank you for pursuing your dream to make mine and others’ stay alive. You are without a doubt the BEST!

Sharyl Geisert White Tiger Karate, LLC, NH

You have got to be one of the most accommodating people I have ever met. That is one of the things I really like about you. You listen and you work on what needs to be worked on. You always make sure it is to your clients best interest. It is not that you have a certain way of doing things and that is just the way it is. I told you before and I will say it again you will have a waiting list. You use different techniques and you and your client decide what is the best. Your personality is of compassion and care and that comes out 110% in what you do for me. Thank you so much for everything you do for me and I look forward to your care and my continued progress.

Betty Pembroke, NH

I have been to several massage therapists in the past and I truly feel that Sue is the best one for me.  When I am in her capable hands, I am able to let go of daily stress and let her work her magic on my muscles. I usually leave her office totally relaxed.  If I should have a night where I cannot fall asleep, I try to bring back all of the feelings that I experienced during one of her massages and it usually does the trick.

Joyce – Bedford, NH

I became a client of Sue’s at the suggestion of Dr. Whitten, who thought that maybe massage therapy in conjunction with chiropractic manipulations might help my back pain.  From the first massage, I was committed to returning again and again to Sue.  Although I can’t say I am completely pain free, I feel so much better after having each massage.  Sue truly understands the human body and cares about making the most of each session while ensuring that my comfort level is considered.

Pat – Concord, NH

After more than 15 years of back pains and stress in the normal life of a 63 year old woman. I have always felt a message was not a want, as much as a needed part of my well being.  The right person can find the problem and aid in the health of both your back and spine. Susan has really made a difference in my health along with regular adjustments with Dr. Whiten. I don’t know what I would do without them.

Susan – Concord, NH

I have had arthritis in my knees for over ten years.  I know surgery will be on the horizon.  Sue has worked with me on this problem and most recently took a weekend course on Orthopedic Massage.  When she returned she tried a new technique on my knees after finishing a massage.  I’m delighted to report that I have found improvement after only one treatment.  I can climb stairs with much more ease than I have in the past year and half. After an hour massage with Sue you know you are going to leave the office in better health than when you arrived.

Roberta – Center Barnstead, NH

I became a client of Suzanne’s to combat an ongoing back issue and although I have utilized the services of various massage therapists over the years, I have never had a better massage.  Suzanne uses a combination of massage, joint opening maneuvers and reflexology on me and after every massage I feel like a new woman.  With Suzanne’s assistance and ongoing chiropractic care, my back is completely pain free!  Suzanne is a jewel and I would wholeheartedly recommend her services.   Thanks Suzanne!

Chris – Concord, NH

I came to see Sue for the first time with being very uncomfortable with back spasms after straining my back when I had the flu.  Sue worked on me for over an hour and was able to dig into the knots and worked them out.  The following day, I had much more mobility and was very grateful to Sue’s healing hands.  Since then, I have visited Sue more regularly and have recommended her to friends who have been extremely pleased.  Having Sue located in Dr. Whitten’s office makes it easy and convenient to take care of oneself!
Kate – Concord, NH

I find having a message is the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience one could ask for in this busy world we live in today.  Sue has the experience and “touch” to know what I need and help me to relax.

Odie – Epsom, NH